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WPN Paintball Killabeez - WHITE FILL

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WPN has been setting the industry standard in paintball manufacturing since its inception over a decade ago… and ever since that introduction of the WPN brand, the paintball industry has never been the same.  WPN introduced their brand of paintballs with four different grades of paint:  WEAPONSGRADE, KILLABEEZ, TOXIC, AND ELIXIR.  Each grade has its own distinct formulation, color, and purpose… however, they all share the same core traits of thick and bright fills, consistent accuracy, and “liquid like” metallic shells- all at an unbeatable price point!  Because WPN paintballs are made with only the best materials, we guarantee the shelf-life for our paint for at least 6 months!

What makes WPN different from the rest of the competition?  Simple:  We only use the highest-grade materials, and back it with over 40+ years of manufacturing experience.  Creating a quality paintball is not only an art form, but it is our passion.  Our goal at WPN is to not only offer the highest quality paintballs at competitive pricing, but to grow the sport of paintball so that it can be enjoyed and experienced by all.

We are excited to bring the brand WPN back into the market, and once again set the standard for paintball manufacturing.  WPN takes great pride in delivering the best products so that you can be your best on the field and beat the competition!

Created for both seasoned tournament and occasional recreational players alike, KILLABEEZ delivers accuracy and quality at an incredible value.  NO oil and low starch content means easy cleanup.

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